The profile of the professionals is based on a factual approach aimed at achieving goals, on the ability to understand glocal issues, on client support, and on strong motivation towards success that derives from the desire of a cohesive group to grow and become established also from the generational standpoint. All this contributes the strong core of the Studio Legale BL’s offering, which the client can rely on and leverage. The activity is focused in particular on medium-sized companies, which constitute the backbone of the Italian economic system, made up of diffuse productive activities rooted to the territory.





Federico Gianassi

An expert in civil and commercial law and a consultant in administrative law issues, Mr Gianassi holds a doctorate in international law and law of the European Union from the University of Florence. He is also active administratively and politically as Councillor for Personnel, Organization, Labour, Decentralization, Administrative Simplification and Transparency of the Municipality of Florence and as secretary of the Democratic Party of Florence.




Alessia Gualdani

Expert in labour, civil and commercial law, Ms Gualdani offers extrajudicial consulting and in-court assistance in the aforesaid areas, and has specific experience in the handling of enforcement and expropriation procedures. She is also closely involved with the territory through her responsibilities as president of the Goldsmithery Sector of CONFAPI, president of the Council of Gold and Silver Producers of Arezzo, member of the council of the Fondazione ITS “Turismo, Arte e Beni Culturali” of Florence Province, and a member of the board of directors of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi.




Andrea Nardi

Expert in contracts and civil litigation, Mr Nardi has specific professional experience in providing assistance to companies in the key and delicate area of debt management and collection in regard to the Public Administration. He also deals with bank and lending litigation, providing in particular extrajudicial consulting and legal assistance with regard to abusive lending practices and usury.