The Studio Legale BL offers complete assistance in the tax area, expressed through tax planning and analysis of tax treatment. In addition, the team provides assistance to its clients facing Italian tax commissions, as well as pre-litigation assistance with tax authorities, also in relation to the formulation of tax ruling requests and queries.

The Studio Legale BL offers support and consulting in the various areas of company law, which is expressed in a broad range of legal services, from contracts to commercial negotiations, aimed at both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations.

In the area of extraordinary operations, the Studio Legale BL provides assistance with mergers, demergers, and the acquisition and divestment of holdings and companies, including consulting activity in the formulation of bids, in the conducting of negotiations, and in the organization and execution of due diligence procedures. This area also includes the management of tax aspects in light of specific laws in force both in Italy and abroad.

In the civil area, the Studio Legale BL offers specific competencies in regard to the application and interpretation of provisions contained in the Civil Code and in special laws, offering pre-litigation consulting, which takes the form of drawing up opinions requested by clients, especially in the delicate phase of making strategic choices for their businesses. The firm boasts consolidated experience in legal assistance before both ordinary civil courts and specialized court divisions, as well as in arbitration.

We assist clients in extraordinary finance operations, both in the preliminary phase of “preparation” of the company for the operation and in the structuring and management of the process, including the identification and selection of counterparties and negotiation through the closing of the operation.

We also offer consulting to companies that have need of it in the course of their normal company operations. In addition, we support our clients in the realization of operations aimed at reorganizing ownership and governance structures. In the most critical situations we assist companies in the adoption and management of the legal instruments introduced by the recent reform of bankruptcy law.