Our services

We are specialized in several areas of law and they are able to provide a full range of litigation and advisory services as well. This enables our clients to have a single interlocutor who can efficiently coordinate all the activities relating to transactions.

Our scope is particularly wide, both from a litigation and advisory point of view, thanks to the integration between chartered accountants and lawyers, based on the model of law firms operating worldwide, and the cross-field experiences of our practitioners, in line with the modern international trends of the sector.

Our in-depth knowledge of tax law ensures that we are able to assist our clients’ needs and provide the most innovative tax solutions.

We structure our activities around a single interlocutor for our clients in order to provide them with tax services and expertise in legal matters. For this reason, thanks to the integration between chartered accountants and lawyers, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive advice, from the analysis of tax treatment to corporate tax planning.

Our expertise also includes a broad knowledge of International Accounting Standards which the Italian legal system adopted some years ago for financial reporting of different kinds of companies, listed and unlisted.

Our practitioners provide legal advice to clients before Italian tax Committees at a provincial and regional level, as well as pre-litigation assistance before tax authorities.

Areas of expertise:

  • Pre-litigation assistance before tax authorities
    Our practitioners provide legal and advisory assistance to help clients in their relationship with Tax Authorities (Italian Internal Revenue Service, Agency of Customs, Territorial Agency and State Property Agency). We are also able to assist and represent individuals and legal entities in tax audits.
  • Legal services for clients before Tax Committees
    The depth of our knowledge of tax law and developments related to tax procedures and our long-term and broad experience enable us to provide legal services to our clients who intend to file an appeal before provincial or regional tax committees.
  • Analysis of tax treatment
    We are able to analyse tax issues related to corporates, individuals, groups and structured finance products, with regard to the Italian tax law system.
  • Corporate fiscal structures
    Our practitioners have a broad expertise in corporate fiscal structures of Italian listed and unlisted companies. Our continuous analysis of domestic and international tax regulations and our deep knowledge of different legal systems enable us to offer our clients a full range of services both in judicial and extrajudicial areas.
  • Corporate tax planning
    We assist our clients in tax planning both for ordinary business management, providing tax advice, and for extraordinary transactions such as acquisitions and transfer of companies and in equity investments.